Atmospheric Physics and Climate Investigation Group (APCLING)

Atmospheric Physics and Climate Investigation Group (APCLING ) was founded in June 2009 in Curitiba, Parana, Brazil.
The APCLING group develops new parametrization and evaluation techniques in climate modelling and provides them to scientific and engineering community. We also make all necessary calculations for accurate wind and solar resource assessment at a proposed site for wind and solar power industries.



  • Installation and tuning of regional (ETA CCS, REGCM, ARPS) and global (CESM) models ( weather and climate versions).
  • Preparing the interface between a regional model and its driving global model.
  • Evaluation of consistency between a regional model and its driving global model.
  • Installation of modern codes of solar and thermal radiation transfer (CLIRAD-SW-M, CLIRAD(FC05)-SW, CLIRAD-LW) in atmospheric models. Incorporation of various types of aerosols and clouds into radiation codes of the models.

Wind and Solar Resource Assessment

  • Calculation of diurnal cycle of solar radiation at the top of the atmosphere for proposed site.
  • Derivation of atmospheric solar radiation transmission function for proposed site from satellite data. Evaluation of the impact of gaseous absorption and scattering by cloud and aerosol particles.
  • Calculation of daily and monthly means of solar radiation fluxes at proposed site using satellite-derived atmospheric transmission function.
  • Calculation of daily and monthly means of wind velocity at proposed site using data obtained at meteorological stations located in the same region. Development of computer models of wind flow over complex terrains. Climate wind statistics representaion.
  • Derivation of wind profiles up to 200 m from sodar measurements.
  • Preparing the detailed regional wind power atlas for the regions with high capacity of eolic energy.
  • Preparing maps of wind velocity and solar radiation fluxes provided by high resolution integration of regional climate models (Eta CCS, WRF, ARPS). Comparison with observational data. Wind and solar power forecast using regional models.





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Welcome for cooperation

We are interested in cooperation with researchers and research teams as well as with organizations and persons who are planning to use in their activity the results of regional climate downscaling analysis and/or others our developments. We also invite for cooperation the researchers who have interests in any field closed to our investigations.